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Joe's Skin

Joe Orsborn




UltraArcade Tony Huxtable 1024x768

Revision 1.1

Yes No
UltraArcade II Tony Huxtable 1024x768

Revision 1.1

Yes No
Luigi's Time Machine Bill Soares 1024x768 Yes No
ultracade Olivince

1024x768 Yes No
timewarp.jpg (146182 bytes) Ken Holcomb 1024x768 Yes No
comp-love.jpg (76778 bytes) Neal Anderson 1024x768 Yes No

Sound Packs


Submitted By        Filename

Joe Orsborn - 81KB  Download

Offreenday - 960KB  Download

Bill Soares - Luigi's Time Machine - 291KB  Download

Neal Anderson - Computer Love - comp-love-sounds 329KB  Download


Skin Format

Upright - standard 1024 or 800. 

Clockwise - rotate the picture clockwise 90 degrees so it's 768x1024 or 600x800. 

Counterclockwise - rotate -90 degrees so it's 768x1024 or 600x800.

Sound Pack Format

start.wav - when starting ultrastyle this sound plays as the wheel is being made
tick.wav - this is the sound the wheel makes as you move up or down 1 marquee
switch.wav - when the cube changes textures
jump.wav - when you jump x amount of marquees using player 1/mouse buttons 1 & 2
rungame.wav - when you want to run a game
finish.wav - exiting ultrastyle
all sounds should be in a single subfolder of the sounds folder. all sounds can be turned on or off via ultraconfig.exe

To submit a skin or sound pack, e-mail it to me here