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Q: When I save the configuration information, it doesn't seem to save all of the information, why?


A: Each of those save buttons are for the specific page you are working on. I made them all look the same for aesthetics. I will change the button names in the next release so as not to confuse future generations.

Q: The config doesn't seem to work for me, is there something I'm missing?


A: The config utility for ultrastyle is written in VB.NET and requires .NET Framework 1.1

you can get it straight from Micro$oft at Windows Update or here - It's ~25MB

Q: My marquees don't look all that great, can I fix that?


A: I noticed that some looked better then others, and yet when I looked at the pictures of the marquees, they looked great.

After messing around, I found that marquees with a width of 125-130 looked less blurry then the ones with a width of 300 or whatever. So I opened a few in Photoshop and changed only the width in image size, constraining proportions, and it worked great!

If anyone knows of a utility that would do this on a large scale (multiple files), please let me know so I can post it here.

Update: IrfanView can resize image in batch. It is a great utility available as freeware. - Thanks to Jeff Spotswood for this tip.

Q: I get the error "Unable to create 3D Scene", what is wrong?


A: I am guessing it's 1 of 2 things.
1. old video driver, if this is the case try to download the latest driver for your video card
2. old video card, if this is the case you may need a newer one because your card does not support the resolution you have chosen to run the front-end. just for kicks, try 640x480, it *may* work.

Q: What is the layout for my Hotrod Classic/SE or X-Arcade?


A: Here are some layout pictures, basically the player 1 controller uses the numpad arrow keys. Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

Hotrod Classic     Hotrod SE     X-Arcade

Hotrod Classic        Hotrod SE            X-Arcade